Fact or Fiction - The Role of Faith (Wk 2)

Faith has kind-of received a bad rap, yet it is probably the most common denominator in humanity. Every person exercises some form of faith every day. We exercise faith in architects, construction workers, and materials every time we walk into any building. We exercise faith in other drivers any time we get on the roads to get from point A to point B. We all exercise faith in something or someone

Fact or Fiction - Can We Trust The Bible? (Wk 1)

The Bible has made a profound influence on my life. I have no doubt that I would be completely different if it weren't for the reading, studying, and teaching of the Bible. While that may make you think I am biased on the subject, I have to be honest in say that I still have struggled with the Bible quite a bit over the course of my life. I've wrestled with many of the questions that all of us wrestle with.