Good vs. Godly Series Overview (Fusion Series)

SERIES DATES: April 5-26, 2017

We face all sorts of different expectations. We have expectations for ourselves. Our parents have expectations as well. School, sports, friends, culture... you name it, there are expectations. As we face these expectations, the question becomes do we settle for good enough or do we strive for something greater? This series explores the various avenues we receive expectations and encourages us to never settle for anything less than God's best.

  • Week 1 - 4/5/2017 - Good vs. Godly
  • Week 2 - 4/12/2017 - Who's In Charge Here
  • Week 3 - 4/19/2017 - Friend or Foe
  • Week 4 - 4/26/2017 - Culture Clash