Fact or Fiction - Is God Really Real? (Wk 3)

Does God really exist? It's a question as old as time that billions have wrestled with. I've even found myself wrestling with the whole concept of God, especially during the more challenging times of my life. Often I found that doubting God's existence began with doubting God's goodness.

The reality however is that this issue goes far beyond our heartaches and hurts. God challenges us to go beyond what we think is good and to embrace what He knows is best. To get there, we must have the confidence in our hearts to know that He exists in the first place.

God is not a figment of our imagination, but rather the framer of our past, present, and future.

Five Arguments That Help Us Know God Is Really Real

  1. Creation | The fact that everything around us even exists points to a creator. Take a moment to step outside during a sunset or in an evening when the stars are bright. These things can't just have magically been placed there. Someone had to do it. That someone is God. (Psalm 19:1, Romans 1:19-20)
  2. Continuation | If things were left to us, we'd completely ruin them. Thankfully, God continues to sustain us. Everything in the universe is in the proper alignment to keep us going. Everything works because God made it that way and God keeps it that way. God does good by His people. He is in control of time and space. He gives and takes away. He has His timing. He has established the rules. He is in control and willingly chooses to sustain us for His glory! (Acts 14:17, 17:24-27)
  3. Conscience | Morality is not a man-made invention. God placed within each person a conscience to help establish in our hearts that which is right and wrong. It was hard-wried from the beginning. What man does with that conscience is man's choice. (Romans 2:14-15)
  4. Conviction | Our personal experience with God serves as an apologetic to His existence. If we experience Him, then we know that He exists. Consider the example of Paul, anti-Christ until he experienced Christ. (Acts 9:4-6)
  5. Circumstance | Sometimes God doesn't just save us, but He moves mightily upon our behalf. Some see these as miracles. Others see it in the simple matters of provisions and protection. We see Him when we are hurting and experience comfort. We see Him when we are discouraged and He provides encouragement. (Matthew 8:1-3)

You can believe in God. You should believe in God! He is alive, well, and at work in our lives.

  • Learn God's lessons from your past. God has allowed you a set of experiences for a purpose. God is developing you - sometimes through truth presentation and other times through course correction. Seek to solidify what it is God wanted you to hear from your past.
  • Rely on God in your present. I understand things can be challenging in the here-and-now. I understand discouragement and distraction. Allow the present to push you closer to God rather than far away from Him.
  • Trust God with your future. God has a plan for you, whether you have a plan or not. Align what you think is your plan with what God wants your plan to be. Trust Him with doors are opened and when doors are closed. Push forward in faith that God's best is always better than your own good.