A Series for Every Family

Church family,

Our team couldn't be more thrilled about our upcoming series, Family Circus, which begins Sunday, September 4. This series will serve as a “Fall Kickoff” and is perfect for every family. In fact, we are going a little “over-the-top” with this particular theme because we believe that God can and will use it in a great and mighty way.

How are we going "over-the-top"? 

  • We’ve brought back invite cards for this series!
  • You’ll probably run into a Facebook advertisement or two promoting it (and you’ll be encouraged to promote it yourself as well)! 
  • We’re decorating the church stage to look like a big top - including a “Canova Cannon” (sorry, Gary)! 
  • We’re baptizing new members into the church family!
  • Free popcorn on September 4!
  • Circus-themed Fall Family Fellowship following the service October 9 with circus-themed food, games like corn hole, volleyball, horseshoes, and the playground for the kids! (You are encouraged to dress casual this Sunday and bring a chair or blanket to sit on.)
  • Creatively, our team has put more into this series than any other one before it.

But why?

We believe the Bible speaks relevant truth for every family, and, maybe, just maybe, those who will attend as a result of your invite will get to experience first-hand the actual relevance of Scripture, the love that comes from a caring church family, and, most importantly, the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Whereas topics like spiritual gifts, evangelism, doctrine, etc., speak into the lives of those who have already trusted Christ, Biblical truths about the family speak into all lives and prove the relevance of Scripture to a culture that has unfortunately deemed it irrelevant.

Our hope is that God would bring more people into His family as a result of our intensive efforts through this series.

So now what?

  1. PRAY. Pray that God would use this “Fall Kickoff Series” to change lives and encourage families. Pray for open doors of opportunity to encourage others to join us as we learn principles for family life.
  2. INVITE families to join you.
  3. WITNESS through your worship and WELCOME on Sundays.
  4. CONTINUE the conversation by perhaps inviting your guests to lunch or coffee together following the service.

Let’s pray for God to do what only He can do through our efforts this fall.