Leading Others

One of the most critical elements in church life is that of leadership.  In fact, our church vision statement says that we will seek to, “Lead All to Life in Christ.”  Our focus at Faith is for every member to leverage their influence and lead others toward Christ. Everyone is to be a leader in some capacity.

As a pastor I am very much aware of the need for godly and competent leadership.  Most members really do not view themselves as a leader. While it may be true that they are not be a leader in an official sense, every member has the ability and opportunity to lead others.  This is exactly what leaders do.   True leaders do not sit idle while barking out orders to others. The simple truth is leaders lead.

The Great Commission calls upon every believer to utilize their gifts and resources to guide others to Jesus.  The lost need to believe on Christ. The saved need to grow in Christ.  All Christians are to be engaged in this form of leadership.

Now it is important to understand that leadership is NOT…

  • Manipulating people but motivating them.
  • Embarrassing people but inspiring them.
  • A position but a person.
  • Just about getting results but pursuing God’s mission.

Instead of seeking to force change, leaders depend upon the Holy Spirit to give them influence and to transform hearts.  The Lord can work in ways that we cannot.  However, since God has chosen to work through us, we must yield ourselves to become His conduit.  Waiting upon the Lord and trusting Him to work can be a challenge.

Leaders, therefore, seek to help people move from where they are to where God wants them to be. Leadership sets the example by leading the way. They “walk the talk” while they point others toward God’s destination. Leaders understand that they must lead people from where they are, not where they should be.  Some people in your path are in desperate need for salvation. Others come your way who need to take steps toward spiritual growth. God will place opportunities in your life if you look for them.

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me (John 10:27).”  Every believer should be following Jesus.  As we follow Him, let us also endeavor to lead others to also follow Christ.  Remember, leaders lead!  Let’s lead all to life in Christ.